How to Use Starbucks Korea Wi-Fi without Disconnection?

Recently, I have been experiencing extreme inconvenience due to frequent disconnection of Starbucks Wi-Fi whenever I visit the Starbucks Korea near my house.
However, I discovered a solution How to Use Starbucks Korea Wi-Fi without Disconnection.

How to use Starbucks Wi-Fi without disconnection

Starbucks Korea Wi-Fi

When searching for Wi-Fi on my laptop or mobile phone, I often come across Starbucks KT Wi-Fi.
Today, I encountered various options, and since KT_starbucks was frequently disconnected, I attempted to connect to KT_free_wifi. Although it appeared to be a viable alternative, I faced the same issue of disconnection.

How to Use Starbucks Korea Wi-Fi without Disconnection?

But then, I stumbled upon the answer: KT_wifi_secure.

Initially, I assumed it was exclusively meant for store employees due to the requirement of a username and password. However, it turned out to be a better Wi-Fi option!

So, how can you use Starbucks Korea Wi-Fi seamlessly? The Starbucks Korea Wi-Fi website provides a helpful explanation, and it’s even available in English!

To ensure enhanced security, utilize the security SSID (KT_starbucks_Secure). When using this secure SSID, the data exchanged between your Wi-Fi device and the Wi-Fi access point is encrypted. This secure SSID specifically designed for Starbucks is named KT_starbucks_Secure.

Ultimately, Starbucks Wi-Fi becomes more secure and reliable with this approach. Conversely, the existing Starbucks Wi-Fi may lack sufficient security, which could pose risks when engaging in activities such as shopping or financial transactions. I was completely unaware of this!

How to connect to connect to Starbucks Korea Secure Wi-Fi?

To connect to Starbucks Secure Wi-Fi, follow these steps:

Search for available Wi-Fi networks.

  1. Select “KT_starbucks_Secure”.
  2. Enter the following credentials without configuring the authentication method:
    ID: starbucks
    Password: starbucks
  3. Note: Make sure to use all lowercase letters.

If prompted, click “Connect” to continue.

For detailed instructions on connecting to Starbucks Secure Wi-Fi on Android, iOS, and Windows devices, refer to the homepage, where comprehensive connection guides for each terminal are provided.

Oh my god…!
Since I started connecting using this method, the previously problematic Starbucks Korea Wi-Fi no longer disconnects. Moreover, this connection is much more secure!
From now on, I will only utilize this method for connecting to Starbucks Wi-Fi.

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